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Tata Tiscon is made by Tata Steel, the world's most advanced steel plant. Tata Steel, the largest steel company in the Indian private sector, was the first to introduce Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar called Tata Tiscon in the country.>Every Tata Tiscon rebar is made from pure steel, with the most advanced TMT technology from Tempcore, Belgium. Controlled chemistry,supervision by expert metallurgists and engineers, coupled with state-of-the-art process makes Tata Tiscon the leading rebar in the country.
TATA TISCON is a registered trademark of Tata Steel.

TATA TISCON is available for both residential and project applications. The residential segment is catered to through Tata Steel's extensive dealer / distributor network and the project applications segment is handled by our sales office.

Tata Steel is the first company in India to Introduce Thermo Mechanically Treated reinforcement bars using the latest Technology available worldwide. TATA TISCON TMT bars are produce in state- of- the- art plants under close supervision of our frontline metallurgists and engineers. The basic steel is made from virgin iron ore through Blast Furnace -Basic Steel Making - Secondary Refine - Billet Casting route with lowest amount of undesirable impurities and rolled in fully automated rolling mill from world renowned suppliers.

Tata Steel has set up a new bar mill with the latest technology Supplied by Morgan, USA, This mill has both horizontal and vertical stands, a series of Zero - tension loopers and a fully automated bar building and muster bundling system. Spacious billet yard for cast - wise stacking of billets, reheating furnace, pre - finishing and finishing mill cold shear to cut bars, roughing mill intermediate mill and the latest TMT facilities are the other feature of the bar mill.

TATA TISCON rebars are 'hot rolled' from steel billet and subjected to PLC controlled on line thermo - mechanical treatment in three successive stages:
(a) Quenching - The hot rolled bar leaving the final mill stand is rapidly quenched by a special water spry system. This hardens the surface of the bar to a depth optimised for each section through formation of martensitic rim while the core remains hot and austenitic.
(b) Self Tempering - When the bar leaves the quenching box, the core remains hot compared to the surface allowing heat to flow from to the surface causing tempering the outer martensitic layer into a structure called Tempered Martensite. The core still remains austenitic at the stage.
(c) Atomospheric Cooling - This takes place on the cooling bed where austenitic core transformed into ductile ferrite pearlite structure. Thus the final structure consists of an optimum combination of strong outer layer (tempered martensite) with ductile core (ferrite pearlite). This gives TATA TISCON its unique combination of higher strength and ductility.

isteel is manufactured by Viki Industries Limited, a company that has expertise and experience in the steel and power sectors. Headquartered in Chennai, the enterprise is professionally managed and is progressive in embracing new technology. We have strong affiliations and associations with experts in the construction industry, whom we draw upon in our research efforts to continuously improve the quality of our products.
Some of our key customers Reputed builders such as L&T, East Coast Constructions, IVRCL, Ceebros and Vishranti rely on us. Our product has been used in Spencer Plaza, Temple Towers, Government Hospital, Veeranam Water Project, American International School, Hyundai Motors and many more.

isteel understands the importance of steel to you and offers a TMT construction bar that is like a 3 in 1: strong, with superior elongation and resistant to corrosion. Worldwide, TMT is the most widely used technology to impart these properties to construction grade bars. So there you are, a 3 in 1 bar for homes that last forever … at an affordable price. It’s a lifetime investment and therefore the right choice is critical.

Your home is built using steel bars of many sizes. For example, the foundation typically uses bars of larger diameters since it takes the load of the entire structure. Bars are differentiated from one another on the basis of diameter when houses are designed and constructed. isteel offers bars across the range of sizes from 8mm to 25mm … making it a one-stop shop for all your construction needs in steel bars.

TMT is a superior technology in steel making, bringing to you international product quality. Construction bars that sell in the market need to conform to ISI specifications; our bars offer you properties that are far higher than the ISI specs: in other words, greater strength and superior elongation.

Our TMT technology ensures that corrosion is retarded. Traditional bars are twisted to increase strength, but this builds up stress and consequently rusting starts almost immediately. In case of TMT, no twisting is required since a special Thermo Mechanical Treatment used on the bar. Resulting in lesser corrosion and longer life.

With over 30 years of experience in the trade, we understand steel and we believe in service. On the basis of this experience, GBR Metals Private Ltd was established in 2005 to manufacture reinforcing steel bars.

The objective of GBR Metals has been to provide a quality product and complement it with high quality service. Our quality product, GBR TMT, stems from our melting and rolling facility which is run by an experienced work force. And our quality service stems from our belief that growth depends upon the relationships that we forge with our customers. It has been this symbiosis with our customers which has stood us in good stead thus far and we intend to progress further.
Why Choose GBR Metals:

>> Ready stock availability for sizes 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm thickness
>> Grades Fe 415 and Fe 500 available
>> On - Time delivery
>> Test Certificates with each shipment
>> Length of bars maintained at 40 feet. Special lengths on request.
>> Excellent service with a track record of 30 years in the trade.
>> Our Product has been approved by the Public Works Department (Govt. Of Tamil Nadu) as an ‘Approved Product’.

Homes are built once in a lifetime; to be handed down over the generations. A home is forever. Building a home is giving wings to dreams and we hope to partner in helping create a robust, durable home that is repair and maintenance free. Steel is the backbone of your home. once it has been placed and set it in concreate, there is very little can be done with it, one cannot replaces tilling ir a bathroom fitting. Given this irreplaceable nature of steel, we belie it is important to get the selection right..... here is how you would know an isteel bar when you see one. a quick 5-steps process that will help in identification.

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