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FIL is the largest PVC-U pipe manufacturer in India and the first to have been awarded the IS/ISO 9001:2000 certification. FIL offers a wide range of PVC-U pipes and fittings, for diverse applications in agriculture, housing, telecom etc. ranging between 20 mm to 400 mm diameter. The range of PVC-U pipes and fittings that FIL offers is as follows : Selfit PVC-U Pipes (for agriculture & potable water supply)As per IS 4985-2000. Ringfit PVC-U Pipes (for agriculture & potable water supply)As per IS 4985-2000. Moulded Fittings for Agriculture (As per IS 7834-1987). Fabricated Fittings for Agriculture. Protector Well Casings & Screens(As per IS 1218-1992). Underground Sewerage Pipes(As per IS 15328-2003). Selfit & Ringfit SWR PVC Pipes(As per Is 13592 with Latest Amendment). SWR Moulded Fittings(As per IS 14735-1999 with Latest Amendment). Plumbing Pipes(for domestic plumbing applications)As per IS 4985-2000,As per ASTM D 1785. Solvent Cemented Fittings(for domestic plumbing applications)As per ASTM D 2467 in Schedule 80 serie

Compact MJ Fittings Ductile Iron (C-153), MJ Accessories, Full Body MJ Fittings Ductile Iron (C-110), Compact Push-On Fittings Ductile Iron (C-153), Flange Fittings Ductile Iron (C-110), Flange Fittings Ductile Iron (C-110) Standard Coat (Black outside, Bare Inside), Fusion Bonded Epoxy Fittings (Compact MJ, Push-On Fittings & Flanged Fittings), Fabricator Products,

PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. is a leading Indian manufacturer & supplier of Piping Systems.

PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS is wholly owned by the Piyush Chheda Group & has a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Founded in 1988, PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS has grown significantly to become a national company employing several hundred staff working in manufacturing, product development and marketing.

Four manufacturing units throughout India developed by PRINCE SWR to efficiently distribute our own products and those of our national & international suppliers. This wide geographical base provides us with significant capacity and flexibility to meet the needs of a national customer base and respond to market conditions & special project specification.

PRINCE SWR pipe and fittings systems are used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply, sewerage and wastewater, Strom water & drainage, mining, industrial, rural, irrigation, electrical, telecommunications & gas. Prince SWR pipe systems are used in a wide variety of applications which has enabled us to successfully challenge other piping materials like metals, earthenware, concrete and fibre cement.

The company has always used the highest quality raw materials & the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies, supported by an emphasis on product quality & customer services. PRINCE SWR is regarded as one of the most technically advanced, most innovative manufacturers in the field. Much of this is due to the efforts of the PRINCE SWR Development & Production team.

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