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A leisurely bath. A relaxing hot shower. Scented soap. Yes, a bathroom is a place where one relaxes and rejuvenates. But can one really unwind if the bathroom is a mess with everything spread around? Not anymore. Welcome to the world of Freedom Mirror Cabinets. Sleek, stylish and spacious, these cabinets don't just help you store the daily essentials but add a touch of beauty to your bathroom.
Mirror Cabinet
Dimendions mm
Width 450
Depth 124
Height 955

Focus mixers
Modern mixers for space on a daily basis – also with swivel spout
Timeless design that will look elegant in any home: Hansgrohe's Focus mixer range reflects a clear, two-dimensional design concept. It is ideal for customers who appreciate having plenty of freedom of movement on a daily basis. Focus allows you to utilise the free space in the bathroom to do exactly what you need to do: whether that's wet shaving or filling vases. And the price? Surprisingly modest.

Focus mixers are economical and environmentally friendly: thanks to automatic water volume restriction of 5 litres/minute with EcoSmart and CoolStart technology.

Make your customers aware of the fact that they can choose from numerous models in various heights:

The swivel spout of the Focus 240 (24 cm high) offers convenient scope at the wash basin
Focus 190 also offers plenty of flexibility
Lower models such as the Focus 70 create subtle visual highlights on wash basins or in guest toilets

Rewarding customer service: find the right mixer for your customer's wash basin. Our ComfortZone test shows you matching combinations on the wash basin. This means that annoying splashing is now a thing of the past – and you will have gained some satisfied customers

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